March: Contract on broadcasts via Radio Milan International (RMI).
July/Aug.: Weekly testtransmission, even mentioned in Radio Austria´s DX-newsprogramme.
Sept.: On 7th of Sept. first regular show (120 min) via RMI; first delivery of cheap records from BMG Ariola in Munich; listeners mail even from

Febr.: Until July monthly shows via RMI; delivery contracts with WEA Europe and EMI Cologne.
Sept.: Free Studio copies of RJOY´s birthday show (120 min) were sent to any interested listener;
Introduction of the wonderful RADIO JOYSTICK (RJOY) – QSL-cards.
Nov.: Introduction of RJOY-stickers!

Jan.: Only on 3rd of Jan. the RJOY-show could be heard via RMI; end of Jan. the RMI- shortwave-transmitter signed off – for ever!
Until July weekly Black Musik Shows (120 min) for Radio Telstar Int. in East Belgium.
March: Charlie´s first show for “Kabelfunk Dortmund” of the “Westdeutscher Rundfunk”.
April: RJOY reached No. 5 in the Pop Poll of “PIN Magazine” (Best german Free Radio progr.!
In summer one single show via WDR with noone else but Charlie and a bottle of mineral water in the studio!
July: Charlie´s second show for “WDR-Kabelfunk Dortmund”.
Dec.: End of all delivery contracts with BMG Ariola, WEA, EMI and DA.

March: First contact to the “Italian Radio Relay Service” in Milan.


RJOY-shows via Radio Europe, Milan, in April, May, July, Sept., Nov. and Dec.
May: RJOY (60 min, repeated) via IRRS with help from “Short Wave Radio Switzerland” (SRWS)

Jan.: First px of regular bimonthly shows (60 min, repeated) via IRRS/SWRS.
Sept.: RJOY-show with recordings from the “good ol´ days” and interview on Free Radio.

July: The RJOY-show included an interview with the US-group “Magnapop”,
Nov.: Radio Joystick (RJOY) reached No. 3 in SRS Pop Poll (“Best european Relay Station”!

Again regular bimonthly shows via Italian Radio Relay Service”, SWRS became “Radio 510?.
Dec.: RJOY reached No. 7 with 33 logs in Germany´s “Free Radio Audibility Statistics”!

Changing the musical format to Breakbeat, House and DnB. First reports on Malta.

Now changing the relays:
In early summer it starts with WRMI in Florida (until Dec. 2004) and later in summer (until Dec. 2008) LVRTCin Riga with transmitters in Ulbroka!
In Autumn start on FM monthly via the Bürgerfunk on the local station of Muelheim an der Ruhr, NRW, FRG
for almost 4 years!

Febr.: Weekly programmes every Friday evening at 8:00h local time on Medium wave, 1602 kHz, via Radio Waddenzee in The Netherlands!

Return to relay station Italian Radio Relay Service” in Milan, Italy, with musical change to the hits of the 70s up to now – and with a brandnew jingle package!

Reduction of shortwave transmissions: 1 kW from R. 700 once a month only for Europe, but also via Internet

With 100 kW from a much stronger transmitter in Issoudun (TdF) on our own – and brandnew – frequency 7330 kHz (41-m-SW-Band)

Changing the transmitter: Now it is Moosbrunn near Vienna in Austria.
Our new stickers are 7,4 x 10,5 cm, available for double return postage!

New homepage – this one!

Listed on laut.fm and TechniSat ISIOLive Internetradiostations

Introduction of two wonderful versions of Charlie–Prince-Show QSL-cards. Our new stickers 14,8 x 10,5 cm are as big as our QSL-Cards!

Now we even offer merchandise – please support us!

Sept.: Because of DAB+ change to a more professional broadcast mixer (Yamaha MGP12X) and to a real broadcasting studio microphone (Rode NT1A).

Rising costs force us in November to change our frequency to 11935 kHz and transmitter location to Kostinbrod near Sofia in Bulgaria.

Back to 7330 kHz and back to the Moosbrunn transmitting station in direct contact with Österreichische Rundfunksender GmbH & Co. KG (ORS).